Learn to OM in Person in LA

Express your full potential with a partnered meditation focused on embodiment —May 13, Los Angeles

Find out what over 35,000 people have experienced worldwide in this one-day workshop.

Join Us on May 13th in Los Angeles

Orgasmic Meditation is a partnered practice that puts you deeper in contact with your own power, hunger and expression. Have a safe space to practice letting go with another person. 

Benefits of OM include: 

  • Tap into the full expression of your embodied power 
  • Brings out your voice and self-expression 
  • Find new energy and creativity
  • Be in touch with your own desire 

What People Say About OM

This one-day workshop is guided by our top instructors who share 30+ years teaching experience.

Join Us on May 13th in Los Angeles


What You Will Learn:

  • Introductory instruction in the practice of OM and its underlying philosophy
  • An understanding of the “mystical state” that practitioners experience
  • A live demonstration of the practice
  • Opportunity to ask questions of expert facilitators with nearly 30 years of practice
  • You do NOT need to come to class with a partner. Participants do not do the practice in the course.

$149 per person

“I can be very shy in exploring new avenues of spirituality, especially as a person of color. But what I realized is everything that I was shy about was what people wanted more of in this class.”

 — Emily, OM Practitioner

What Researchers Say About OM

Remarks from Neuroscientists


“OM may allow practitioners to access similar brain and meditation states attained by advanced Tibetan -Buddhists.”

 — Greg Siegle, University of Pittsburgh

“Early studies show that in only 15 minutes, OM can provide improved connection and closeness.”

 — Nicole Prause, UCLA 

“Future studies will focus on the impact of OM on reducing signs of aging including mental agility, alertness and focus.”

 — Andrew Newberg, Thomas Jefferson University

Find out what over 35,000 people have experienced and what leading neuroscientists are saying about this groundbreaking practice.