Learn to OM in Person in LA

Learn to OM in an intimate, one-day workshop taught by senior faculty. Experience improved relationships and capacity for connection.

A brand new Orgasmic Meditation course featuring all new philosophy content —May 13, Los Angeles

Find out what over 35,000 people have experienced worldwide in this one-day workshop.

Saturday, May 13th | 9am to 5pm | Los Angeles

Orgasmic Meditation is a partnered practice that puts you deeper in contact with your own power, hunger and expression. Have a safe space to practice letting go with another person. 

Benefits of OM include: 

  • Tap into the full expression of your embodied power 
  • Brings out your voice and self-expression 
  • Find new energy and creativity
  • Be in touch with your own desire 

What People Say About OM 

Our Teachers

Aubrey Fuller

Aubrey Fuller

Aubrey has been with OneTaste for 13 years. She is known for her keen intuition and care in working with people to reveal their true brilliance. Teaching people Orgasmic Meditation roots her into a sense of purpose and a daily feeling of usefulness. In her work with clients, Aubrey uses the power of OM to reveal the blueprint of who they are and what their unique, irreplaceable function is in the world. Once a shy introvert without much of a voice – her power a mere potential – she is now a bright, brilliant woman and representative of Eros in the world.

Eli Block

Eli Block

Eli Block is Lead Instructor in Orgasmic Meditation for OneTaste. He has worked with thousands of clients interested in exploring the world of OM over the past 15 years. Eli is a prolific speaker, recently having been invited as a guest lecturer for Tony Robbins’ coaching staff at their annual retreat as well as Jaiya Ma’s VIP Program. A deep lover of the feminine and the lead instructor for the OneTaste’s Men’s Program, Eli is passionate about realigning our understanding of gender, sexuality, and orgasm with nature.

This one-day workshop is guided by our top instructors who share 30+ years teaching experience.

Saturday, May 13th | 9am to 5pm | Los Angeles


What You Will Learn:

  • Introductory instruction in the practice of OM and its underlying philosophy
  • An understanding of the “mystical state” that practitioners experience
  • A live demonstration of the practice
  • Opportunity to ask questions of expert facilitators with nearly 30 years of practice
  • You do NOT need to come to class with a partner. Participants do not do the practice in the course.

$149 per person

What Researchers Say About OM

Remarks from Neuroscientists

“OM may allow practitioners to access similar brain and meditation states attained by advanced Tibetan -Buddhists.”

 — Greg Siegle, University of Pittsburgh

“Early studies show that in only 15 minutes, OM can provide improved connection and closeness.”

 — Nicole Prause, UCLA 

“Future studies will focus on the impact of OM on reducing signs of aging including mental agility, alertness and focus.”

 — Andrew Newberg, Thomas Jefferson University

Find out what over 35,000 people have experienced and what leading neuroscientists are saying about this groundbreaking practice.