A Community Dialogue
If you’ve been on social media these months you’ve read the stories of #MeToo - a movement in which women from around the world have begun to share their stories of sexual harassment and assault. These #MeToo stories highlight the magnitude of the issue and shine the light on dynamics long hidden in the shadows.
However, there are challenges in using social media as a public forum for highly sensitive and charged issues such as these. It is common to get triggered and lose clarity and our connection to ourselves and others along the way.
Webinar - Part 1
Monday, November 27 at 12 PM PT
In our first webinar on Monday, November 27 at 12 PM PT, we will look at the question: How do we continue to open the gates to raising awareness about sexual assault and to bringing about change in our families, our workplace and culture, without losing ourselves to the reenactment of traumatic symptoms and memory? How do we share in our shared recognition and compassion without reigniting the past? How can use our personal history to deepen connection and stay in this together?
Webinar - Part 2
Wednesday, November 29 at 12 PM PT
In our second webinar, on Wednesday, November 29 at 12 PM PT, we will consider how to move from initial reaction to action and how to alchemize our pain into power for change. We’ll discuss the new paradigms emerging for power and connection between the genders and what we can do to bring more consciousness, connection and freedom into the world.
Join Us
Please join us for a trauma-informed webinar led by a team of international trauma experts on how to best support ourselves and one another so that we stay grounded in our sense of personal safety, deepen our connection with others, and use our experience of #metoo as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation.

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