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Have you had the sense that something more is possible in your relationships? That there is a man in there that can feel women deeply and just needs to take off the filters and masks in how he relates? If you are, you’ve found the right page. In this introductory webinar, OneTaste Men’s Program co-Director Matt Pelletier shows you the road to accessing your genius in relating with women.

Matt is a guy who got fed up with the same old formulas, personas and tactics that we’ve all tried with women and learned to listen to a deeper voice. He will teach you how to tune in to what women want at the level of body language and intuition. Learn how to convert your challenges with women in to a game that you enjoy every aspect of.

Based on the Practice of Orgasmic Meditation

Based on the Practice of Orgasmic Meditation

You will learn what happens when you let go of the formulas and personas you’ve used with women and trust your instincts. Learn what it takes to become a man who can skillfully perceive what women want and be resourceful enough to deliver it – a man who has converted his challenges with women into a game that he can enjoy every aspect of. A man who sticks around to develop real mastery with meeting a woman in a way where she is excited to receive you.

About Your Host

Matt Pelletier is the co-director of the Men's Program and the coordinator of the OneTaste Coaching Program. He is a jack-of-all-trades, tinkerer, and previous Land Manager at The Land – a gorgeous nature sanctuary and home to our intensives and retreats. He came to OM to remember the power of connection and to lead from the deep beauty and mystery of the feminine. Matt is known for his playful spirit, energy, and genius in all things.

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