The Coaching Program
In this introductory webinar, led by OneTaste senior faculty Eli Block you will learn about an innovative, 6-month experience that will show you how connection, desire, and TurnON can be your fundamental orientation to the world.

The Program

The Program

Harness your insight, power and skill to create the life you didn’t think was possible, one that would change the way you interact with the world. You’ll be joining a diverse cohort of people from around the world who dive deep into the philosophy and practice of Orgasmic Meditation… (and everything that goes with it) through monthly immersive classes, practices, peer coaching and expert guidance.

We’ve designed the roadmap and guide you through an innovative experience which gives you the skills and tools to make an impact through showing you how connection, ignition and TurnON can be your fundamental orientation to the world.


  • Gain new insight on how to approach business from a desire-based perspective
  • Cultivate a healthy lifestyle and energy level
  • Learn to create and lead community building events
  • Develop coaching skills that will guide you or clients toward having deeper life openings
  • Gain competency in sales and marketing, through undeniable confidence in your own value.
  • Experience unparalleled personal transformation
  • Build friendships that will last for a lifetime
  • Gain deeper intimacy in all your relationships
  • Wake up your intuition