Unconditional Freedom

A 501(c)(3)

Unconditional freedom

Unconditional Freedom was founded on the philosophy of Eros, or put otherwise, a philosophy which puts human connection first. It applies this ethos to some of our largest societal problems today, including homelessness, incarceration, marginalized classes of people, and planet earth, and within these arenas builds systems to foster rehumanization. You can learn more about the approach and projects by clicking through here. The results have been nothing short of revolutionary.

Unconditional Freedom is a legally independent, tax exempt 501c3 non-profit corporation, with its own independent board of directors, a cast of supporting government prison officials, academics, corrections officers, homeless shelter directors, community organizers, and over 300 of volunteers.

Unconditional Freedom is proud to have been founded in 2002 by early participants of OneTaste including Nicole Daedone. Since its inception, as a result of its profound success coupled with a strong ethical framework, Unconditional Freedom has attracted top talent and volunteers beyond OneTaste staff and Orgasmic Meditation practitioners. Unconditional Freedom does not promote or teach Orgasmic Meditation in any of its programming.

Unconditional freedom initiatives

Unconditional Freedom Project fosters environments for contemplation and sustainable change for those living behind bars. More than 100 prisons and 4,000 residents have been reached to date. 

Free Food restores dignity to those without homes through farm-to-table, chef-prepared meals. More than 30,000 meals have been served in the past 3 years in locations in Harlem, New York and Northern CA. 

The Earth Program provides immersive training in ecological restoration practices at jails, prisons, and shelters and in consultation with world-class experts.

Women Over Dinner hosts intimate conversations where “the most important part” comes forward. You get to live from it, while transforming imbalances and suffering through it. You’re always invited to the table.

BlackBox facilitates difficult conversations among Black people, with the goal of healing separation and creating a new foundation built on our gifts of flow, connection, and understanding.