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Welcome to TurnON, sophisticated evening explorations of intimacy and communication guided by our staff. Each evening offers a different context to explore, connect, and play in a way that will leave you feeling inspired and alive.

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TurnON Welcome

There is a frontier of wellness that we have not crossed into. It’s vulnerable. It involves intimacy and connection. It’s changed our lives, our relationships, our confidence, and how we live in the world. It is our sexuality. Join us for an evening on how to begin exploring this new world.


TurnON Games

Participate in an evening that invites a new depth of honesty and connection. You will be guided through a series of communication games by teachers with a real sensitivity and years of experience. Shy or adventurous, all levels of participation are welcome.


TurnON Social

An evening of a new kind of networking. Meet new people who are interested in living life based on vulnerability, connection, and experience. Engage in exercises that will evoke every aspect of you from the emotional to the playful to the profound. You will leave with a sense of aliveness and delight.


TurnON Dinner

Join us for a unique dining experience, combining food and an intimate conversation exploring topics of desire, truth, and sexuality. You will leave feeling satiated and profoundly moved from the senses all the way to the spirit.