Truth Creates Turn On

How often do you get the chance to meet people in an environment where they are comfortable being themselves?

TurnON is an evening that will do just that. We take incredible people from all walks of life and guide them through communication games that will leave you feeling inspired, alive, and well, turned on! It's amazing how connected we can end up feeling - even in a room full of strangers - when we are willing to say what's true.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Expand Your Comfort Zone

During the evening, facilitators will guide you through 3 communication games, where you can practice taking the filter off and being honest in areas that are at your edge. You can play at whatever level feels comfortable to you. You don't have to do anything you don't want to, or answer any questions you don't want to answer. We do have fun. We do get real.

Based on Orgasmic Meditation

The games are designed to educate you about Orgasmic Meditation (OM for short) - a consciousness practice that’s been featured on CNN, the New York Times, Deepak Chopra, and Tim Ferris’ Four-Hour Body. It has helped thousands of singles & couples have more connection and intimacy – and gain facility in areas where they normally tap out or call it quits. Marie Claire just named OM the hot new thing in NYC.

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