OM Science

Late in 2016, Dr. Nicole Prause and Dr. Greg Siegle started work on the OM Study, measuring 314 people practicing OM. Dr. Prause is a sexual psycho physiologist and neuroscientist and founder of Liberos, a sexual biotechnology company focusing on brain stimulation and desire. Dr. Seigle runs the Program in Cognitive Affective Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh.

The OM Study will be the 1st partnered stimulation study in the US since Masters and Johnson's, and the third worldwide. It's the 1st partnered stimulation study ever to measure the stroker. Not only will she capture both individuals' experiences, but she'll be able to capture the connected experience in OM. This is the 1st study of its kind to use EEG. And it's the 1st partnered stimulation study in the US to ever be approved by the scientific ethics board (IRB).

Dr Prause has been looking to do a study like this for years. Dr. Prause says, "In our research, we continue to argue the importance of sexuality. Unfortunately, a large portion of the US population will never see sex as important. If we can show that there are actual health benefits in a practice like OM, like improved emotional and cognitive reactions, then we can make a much more powerful argument for the importance of sex."

Look out for the results in early 2018!

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