Our philosophy

What would happen if we rebuilt Orgasm from the ground up, but this time, included consciousness? The same way that we have been moving from processed to whole foods, from mere fitness to yoga, Orgasmic Meditation (OM) ushers Orgasm out of the dark, from the shameful and often consumptive places where it used to be, and into the light. To date, we have been squandering one of our most powerful resources. We have been using it haphazardly, recreationally, to blow off steam when, if channeled correctly, it could be used to light up the entire power grid of connection. Here we can have experiences that foster our growth and well-being. We take the most powerful human impulse, the Orgasm Impulse, and approach it in an entirely new way. OM is a practice through which we can harness this power — a deliberate, repeatable method for accessing the Orgasm State. Orgasm—capital “O”—is so, so much more than the brief, fleeting climax we have been taught to think of it as.

There’s an important distinction worth making here: OM differentiates between climax and the Orgasm State. Climax is a few seconds of experience, whereas the Orgasm State is continuous. It’s that feeling of being so completely absorbed in an experience that there is no mental chatter, no being “stuck in your head”; a falling away of the ego. When this happens, our sense of limitations falls away as well. In the Orgasm State, we feel totally present and connected, as if a deeper intuitive sense has awakened. The Orgasm State occurs in the practice of OM and it has cumulative positive effects that carry over into everyday life.

Orgasm has a big promise: union. Tibetan Buddhists use it as a metaphor for enlightenment, and yet we have not seen it deliver. Until now.