Our Response

Some of you may have seen the very negative Bloomberg article that came out recently. It’s hard to see something you believe in so deeply get twisted so much.

First and foremost, we want to let everyone in the community know that our primary purpose is that you feel as deeply supported as you can in exploring Orgasm, however that shows up for you. We know that underneath this article are some deep feelings. If there’s anything we can do better to listen, receive, amend, or acknowledge, that is the foundation on which we grow.

Second, while it is OK (even commendable) for a journalist to write an expose, this piece is a gross misrepresentation. Cult, we’ve heard. Money, yes. Prostitution ring? That's creative. The writer takes information out of context, including a number of times where she misquotes us, makes ridiculous comparisons and hand-picks a few sensational allegations to paint a broader picture of the entire company.

We work in a difficult area. Human sexuality involves deeply ingrained societal, religious and familial taboos that evokes intense feelings. We are an unconventional company, we know. We teach a highly effective, reliable practice that science is showing helps people be happier, healthier and more focused. We have thousands of happy customers. What’s most important to us is that OM reach people who need and want this practice.

Over the years we have incorporated so much of what we've learned from you all. We started off as a small lifestyle community and transformed into a company focused on providing a product and services globally to mainstream consumers. In the past 2 years, we’ve implemented many new HR policies, clear-cut sales policies and practices, trauma training and curriculum to make ourselves more accessible to you all and respond to what you’ve said.

I want you to know — as one of the new owners of OneTaste — that I am personally committed to listening. You can always reach out to me, Amanda and Austin.

Anjuli Ayer