OneTaste Coaching Association

Guidelines and Tips


  1. Coaching: 100 hours, including 3 peer supervised sessions
  2. OM Training: 50 sessions, including 3 peer supervised sessions
  3. Peer supervise at least 1 Coaching Session and 1 OM Training Session for someone else
  4. A Log documenting #1, #2, #3. Log should include:
    • Name of Client(s)
    • Date of Session
    • If session was supervised
    • Whether session was Coaching or OM
  5. Complete Coaching Program, including passing of Final Immersion Testing
  6. #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 must be completed by November 7, 2017 including emailing your completed log to Maya Block by midnight PDT!
  7. Coaching Program tuition paid in full
  8. Once your log is approved by Maya, schedule your certification sessions (#9, #10)
  9. Certification Supervision for Coaching
  10. Certification Supervision for OM Training

Tip! 3 Ways to Become an Excellent Coach:

  • Practice, Practice, Practice! Do a lot of coaching.
  • Be coached! Find and use the best coaches available.
  • Peer supervise others! You will learn things you can't see as a coach or a client.

Coaching Clarifications & Tips:

  • The requirement is 100 hours. Sessions must be 30 min long, or longer in 15 increments (ie. 45 min, 60 min, 75 min, etc)
  • You may not count hours unless the session is pre-arranged as a coaching session. (If you have a great conversation with someone and are helpful, you may not afterwards designate it as a coaching session.)
  • Exploratories do not count.  Only the actual coaching sessions.
  • Peer Coaching hours do not count- only those hours with clients you have enrolled.

OM Training Clarifications & Tips:

  • It is best to train a healthy mix of new OMers and experienced OMers.  The sessions require different skills and you should develop both.
  • Both stroker and strokee are your clients, even if one is new and the other experienced. Your container as an OM Trainer needs to hold them both.
  • Under no circumstance may you OM train your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse. If you want your partner trained, ask a classmate to train them.
  • If you want someone trained so you can OM with them, ask a classmate to train them.
  • 50 sessions may or may not be more than 50 hours.

Peer Supervision

A peer supervisor is anyone who is a certified coach/OM Trainer or someone working towards their certification. The Peer Supervision forms are intended to make the feedback most useful to you, however, you don't have to use them. You do not need to share them with Alexandra.

It is recommended that you have peer supervisions after approximately 10, 40, and 80 coaching hours and 10, 20, and 30 OM Training sessions. This timing is optional, but saving them until you are almost done with your hours/sessions won't allow you to grow from the feedback and incorporate it in your sessions before you have your next peer supervised session.

Asking different peers to supervise you will allow you to benefit from a variety of flavors of feedback.

General Considerations

There is no requirement that you charge a certain amount, or any money at all, for your sessions.

However, if you don't practice charging for your coaching you are unlikely to succeed at doing so once you are a certified coach.  Use this pre-certification time to develop all the necessary skills for a thriving kickass coaching business!

There is no cutoff for the number of hours you can do with classmates. However, if you don't enroll any non-OMers during your pre-certification time, you will have an unnecessarily big learning curve in building a successful coaching business after you graduate.

Please remember that you may offer your coaching and OM training services to people who are not involved in OneTaste, to your classmates and to those you have brought into the OneTaste community.

Anyone already involved in OneTaste may only be approached after you ask for and receive permission your city leader.  (Each city navigates this in their own way.)

If you and another student coach together, you may each count half of the session.