Welcome to OTCA 2017

We are excited to announce a whole new experience of OTCA. Our desire is to create a premium coaching system that supports OM practitioners all over the world in taking their practice to extraordinary new levels, while providing a tremendous business opportunity for OneTaste certified coaches.

The Initiatives

Business Training

We've brought in three experts in the field of coaching and business development. Throughout 2017, they will train each OTCA member in the best practices — from marketing to sales to presentations. They'll also be giving personal guidance to all members who want this to be a full-time career path.

Skills Development

We're creating a specialized curriculum for OTCA skills development to deepen your skill sets and specialties. A sneak peak into this: evolve your specialties, advance through coaching tiers, and set up a growth path to refine your coaching and OM training ability.


You don't have to do it alone. Be a part of a growing community of dedicated coaches: share experiences, resources, and support along the path.

Personal Growth

Orgasm is a lifelong practice. We do the work ourselves first, so we can help others to continue to evolve.

Receive discounts on OneTaste courses to help your own development in Orgasm.


We've brought on three experts in the field of coaching to help bring OTCA to the next level of success. Over the years, we've developed an amazing relationship with them. They are thrilled to bring their expertise to OM.

Tom McCarthy

Tom is the go-to leadership and communication coach for dozens of Fortune 500 executives. In 1986, as the National Sales Manager for Robbins Research International, he created the FIRE-UP Your Presentations System to empower the sales teams he built. His teams shattered records, and delivered over 200% annual sales growth for every year Tom was there. He's been on a mission since then to fulfill the promise that every human being has the potential to be an outstanding communicator.

Tom has delivered over 2,000 trainings in 24 different countries for audiences as large as 18,000 people. His trainings and books have been translated into 10 languages. As a peak performance expert, he has also coached four athletes who went on to win Olympic Gold Medals. He also coached his daughter, Kylie, who was a Parade All-American soccer player and NCAA National Champion at UCLA, and his son, Tommy, who was a highly recruited basketball player currently playing for Harvard. Tom is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, where he received a degree in Speech Communications and was a member of the nationally ranked football team.

David Hutchinson

David has been a key architect of the FIRE-UP Your Presentations Training since 1995. He brings decades of expertise into every FIRE-UP Training he facilitates and he consistently receives rave reviews. As the Chief Training Officer, David is also responsible for the selection and training of all the FIRE-UP Peak Performance Coaches as well as maintaining the highest level of training delivery and client satisfaction. David has conducted FIRE-UP Trainings throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, India and Australia and has personally helped over 10,000 people dramatically raise their level of performance and results. Through his leadership, the FIRE-UP Training has been consistently recognized as the highest rated program in Cisco System's prestigious Sales Associate Training Program.

In addition to his consistent track record of success in the training industry, which began with a senior sales leadership role with Robbins Research International, David has also helped build two successful technology companies as their Vice President of Sales. His expertise in leadership, sales and persuasive communication make David one of the most sought after experts in the field of delivering presentations.

Cynthia Freeman

Cynthia Freeman is a coaching pioneer. An MCC (Master Certified Coach) and veteran of over 25 years of coaching experience, she has worked with over 2,400 clients including AT&T, Cisco, Disney, and thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Cynthia has accomplished all of this while maintaining a family-friendly lifestyle. Even when closing over 200 real estate deals a year with 6 full-time assistants, she never worked weekends, took 10 weeks off per year, and fully participated in the lives and educations of her two children. She is one of the few who can say that they have exceeded the ½ of 1% in TWO careers. 2,400+ clients later, she still has a passion for helping business owners and entrepreneurs to make more money while taking more time off to live more vibrant lives.