OneTaste Founder Nicole Daedone explains what an OMLife is and how intimacy is the key to life.

"The key to all happiness is intimacy. It's intimacy with my life, and my body, with all of me, then with you, then with this room. And to have that kind of intimacy progresses outward.

"I'm also of the belief that anything that you deeply know, you necessarily love. And that there's this experience of the most hideous, heinous, ugly things, being loved that gives 1) the fulfillment that I feel when I love them, but 2) the experience of how they change in the face of my love.

"OM Life would be the capacity to be intimate with the whole of your life. From the profound to the profane, from the body to the spirit, from the philosophy to the practice – all of it, excluding nothing, and becoming intimate with it until you see the divinity inside of it. There's a fundamental concept, underlying this entire practice, and that is that life is perfect. I may not know how, but it's my work to discover how, rather than try to wrangle life into my concepts. And that is what the practice of OM is the physical analog for. If you can learn this in OM, it's my belief that you can learn it everywhere."