FOOD: Have her give you a highly detailed description of her favorite meal including how she wants it prepared and served. Then deliver it with that much attention and precision. Get very specific, for example: ”She likes her burger medium rare with sweet potato fries and truffle salt”.

ORGASM: Draw out her desire with an OM using a steady, slow and meaty stroke, pausing every couple of minutes and then incrementally building speed.

BODY: Put together a 'feel good kit' with all her favorite self care essentials. Make sure to include her favorite fragrances, colors, and textures. Set up everything so that she can completely relax into sensation.

THE PERFECT BATH: Things to find out:

  • What tempature she likes her bath
  • How full she likes it
  • How much epsom salt to put in (Epsom salts are great for alleviating tension and gently detoxifying the body) You can buy Epsom salt at most grocery stores and pharmacies. Find out how many cups of Epsom she likes in her bath
  • What essential oils does she like added to her bath
  • Set up the perfect lighting (something soft and low) She may like candles and if so, find out what scent or use a light dimmer
  • What beverage, if any, does she want to have as she soaks - tea? water? wine? - and prepare it exactly as she likes it)
  • Towels - how many, what texture, sizes

ATTENTION: Let her feel your attention on her. Find a creative way to reveal all of the things you notice about her. Things as subtle as, “the tiny freckle in her forearm”. Get a pack of Post-Its and write a different noticing on each one, posting them around the space. Feel into what she needs to read to have her open. Try to use descriptive and direct language that excites the senses.

DESIRE: Ask her what she desires. Give the space for small immediate desire and bigger life purpose desires and everything in between. Stay curious! Each time she asks you a desire simply say “Thank you, what else?”