Hello Friend,

I’m Joanna, President of OneTaste.

I’ve been practicing Orgasmic Meditation (OM) for 5 years. Before then, when I found OM, I was convinced I didn’t need it. My sex life was good and I was successful at getting the men that I wanted. I was successful in life, I had an orgasm anytime, I never had trouble finding partners. I didn’t need anything, so I thought then.

When asked “do you know who you are?”… I’d say “of course I know who I am.” The first time I was asked to OM, I said politely, “No thank you.” Yet there was something inside telling me there was more to this, and I needed to investigate further to discover for myself what it was.

I had this in mind the first time I said “Yes.” Though it was all foreign to me, I decided to go with it to see where it takes me. As I started practicing, the word YES was coming to me during OMing. I never realized I wanted to say Yes to pleasure, and wanted it to feel good. I experienced a subtle “revealing” of who I really was on the inside. The answer to that question I was asked before… “Do you know who you are?”

This was my first epiphany, my first revelation that I had indeed stumbled upon something powerful and wonderful. All the while, there was something that kept me “OMing” that I did not fully understand, yet.

As I kept OMing, my next even deeper revelation hit me. I slowly discovered that it is more important to feel good than to look good. I shed many old masks that I wore to keep myself looking good. Then, after spending more and more time around people that OMed, I kept noticing they had the ability to viscerally love people, on a deep level, which I had not experienced before. And that’s what kept making me come back.

During my practice, I uncovered my biggest epiphany, what orgasm really means to me… a continual practice of refining and noticing the subtle parts of myself, that I have kept “pushed down” for a long time.

This was incredibly life-transforming for me. I started focusing on what feels good… discovering more of who I am every day, going after my desires… and being honest with the people in my life, every day.

Which is why I then decided that I must become a part of this in a profound way. I thought… “I must help OneTaste spread the word of what is possible, in life, love and desire.” Which is why soon after, I became President of OneTaste. So I could bring my experience of Orgasmic Meditation to thousands of deserving women (and men!) , and help people live better, more enjoyable lives every day.

My desire to share this amazing discovery with others became my mission in life, to “TurnON” as many deserving yet unfulfilled people as I can. Which is why I wanted to share my story with you.

The Awakening Of “A Life Powered By Orgasm”

People “OM” because they want to feel more connected, more flow, more vitality, more everything. The practice is simple, specific, and repeatable, focusing on the female center of power and pleasure. Every OM is set up the same way, so participants can stop thinking, and instead follow the feeling, listen to their bodies, and enjoy being in the present.

Our OneTaste “OM Essentials” First Step Program for beginners guides you to appreciate the breadth and depth of orgasm, and then channel it into all areas of your life. Enabling your sex life to improve and your vitality to increase, making food taste better, and your connection to yourself and others deepen.

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