Resources for hosting Orgasmic Meditation® (OM) Circles

Welcome to our resources page for the “OM Circle” group practice format for Orgasmic Meditation® (OM).

The OM Circle is the group practice of OM (any time there is more than one pair of OMers). While group practice is any OM where there is more than one stroker-strokee pair at the same time and location, an OM Circle is more formal and follows the OM Circle Holders Guide, including the Script, the OM Circle Policy. This is known as the OM Circle Format.

Like any OM, whether in group practice, at an OM Circle, or a private OM with one stroker-strokee pair, strokers and strokees at OM Circles must follow the Form and Container of OM.

There are many different ways to set up your OM practice. For example, some people only ever OM with same person while some OM with more than one partner. Some people only ever OM privately (i.e. in a room alone with the person they are OMing with), while others OM both in private and in OM Circles. Each practitioner can set up their OM practice in whichever way suits them. OM is a partnered practice for any adult who would like to try it, whether single or in a relationship. The OM Circle Format is good to use whenever you have many people OMing, or when there are people who are either new to the practice or new to group practice. This is to maintain the consistency of the practice of OM and of OM Circles, so that people can do the practice anywhere and with any OM practitioner and be assured that the same simple steps will be followed.

OneTaste Inc and the OneTaste City Affiliates (OneTaste LA, OneTaste NYC, OneTaste Bay Area, OneTaste Austin, and Turn On Britain) no longer host OM Circles. However, we have created these resources about OM Circles for OM practitioners who want to host OM Circles using the OM Circle Holders Guide and the Script (the OM Circle Format).

OneTaste and the OneTaste City Affiliates are not responsible in any way for the actions of OM Circle Holders, OM practitioners or third parties at OM Circles. Any OM practitioner who wishes to participate in an OM Circle does so entirely at their own risk, and will have no recourse to OneTaste or the OneTaste Affiliate Cities.

Those who wish to call a group practice an OM Circle, are required to comply with the OM Circle Holders Guide (including the script), the OM Circle Policy, and the Container and Form of OM.

Links to these documents can be found below:

Container & Form of Orgasmic Meditation

OM Circle Holder's Guide

The OM Circle Policy