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If you’re anything like we were, you often found yourself at a loss of how to succeed with the women. Confusion was the invisible water you swam in. What do I do with her feelings? Do I take care of her, or is that disrespectful? Sex, is that something she wants, or am I responsible for convincing her into it?

It was easier (although not necessarily better) for previous generations of men. If you provided for the family, and you had your life together, you could likely feel good about yourself as a man. Today, it’s different, in many cases women are passing men in earnings, and many men are struggling to find their place in the world. Disorienting as it may be, we’re of the belief that this change in the world is not only necessary it has opportunity. There is a rare breed of man who can succeed here. He’s not the alpha male. Not the nice guy. Not the knight in shining armor. Not the seducer.

This man knows how to switch positions with a woman; he knows how to follow, in addition to knowing how to be in front. He’s not so independent that he takes direction as an insult, but it is not so dependent that he can’t be honest with her. He’s not so self-focused that he can’t understand the internal censors that a woman has to deal with, but he is not so scared of his own darkness that he can’t relate to her power. He knows how to create sexual tension, but in a way that is dynamic, not fixated on one way.

The journey to learn to be this man takes flexibility, willingness, and attention. Sometimes, your whole success rides on just one instance. Sometimes, it’s years of the same hit-your-head-against-the-wall practice before a breakthrough. Sometimes, it’s so good and you’re so proud of yourself that you stop improving, or you fail altogether. It’s the extreme sport version of being a man.

Ironically, this Orgasmic path isn’t pleasurable; it’s more like you’re learning how to love, how to really love as a man. But that task, teaches you more about life than anything else we’re aware of. It teaches you how to be joyful. It teaches you how to be honest. It teaches you how to feel. It teaches you how to play with the feminine, in a way that is nourishing and complex. And it brings forth a biological intelligence, that grounds the search for more (one might call it spirituality) that we want in life.

Sometimes we say, you might not “get” the woman, but you get the man. And that turns out to be the man who can drive her crazy. The one that can touch her so completely that she doesn’t want to move an inch, and at the same time keep her yearning. The one who can meet her in any location from the bedroom to the world out there. The one who can activate with her that creative force that both makes everything stop, and is the thing that makes everything turn – the feminine erotic. We could learn that this sexuality inside of us is not poisonous, that it can become something that has skill and a place. Our understanding of manhood could be rebuilt from the ground up.

91% say "I'm more present in my interactions with others"

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I have an easier time engaging with the opposite sex.
My intuition is stronger.
I feel sexier.
I'm better at articulating my feelings.
I feel more agile in challenging situations.
I feel more turned-on in my life

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