A Letter From
Nicole Daedone

I once heard that the best and the worst in life happen when you give yourself over to something. Thirteen years ago, I did that very thing with OneTaste, and today is equally as big of a day. Today, I step down as CEO and owner of OneTaste. And four incredible individuals have stepped up to now give their lives over to the leadership and direction of this company. The past 13 years have made me the woman that I am and for that I am deeply grateful.

My decision to start OneTaste was simple. It grew from an experience that changed my life. That experience would later evolve to become the practice of Orgasmic Meditation. Over these years, I’ve had to use the words “butterflied my legs open” too many times to count in an effort to describe something ineffable and mysterious that occurred in just 15 minutes. I often follow by saying, “And then everything went silent. There was no inner narrative. I felt like I was connected to everything and everyone. It was timeless and eternal.”

What I didn’t say, out of respect for others’ beliefs, was that in that moment, almost like the painting in the Sistine Chapel, I felt like I had been touched by God. Everything was reconfigured in that moment, and my life took a vastly different direction than anything I could have imagined. I, like other people on the planet, had my various forms of trauma. I, like other people, had a feeling that there was something inside of me that needed to come out. And that were it to come out, there would be some kind of salvation, and were it to remain inside, it would be my destruction - even if it were just the long slow process of not really living. I knew that it needed to be a big project because that thing inside of me felt infinite.  

A key part of this experience was that there seems to be a law that you cannot experience something profound and not share it with others. I discovered something that, for me, had changed poison to medicine. I wanted everyone not necessarily to try it, as that is a deeply personal decision, but to have access to it should they desire to.

In theory, it was a beautiful concept. In practice, it was often a terrible mess. While I have been a woman with a mission, I realize that I didn’t necessarily have the personality built to lead and scale a company. And that even with meditation and yoga and self-help and 12 steps, a personality is a hard thing to change. There were some difficulties and hurts that I caused that -- if I were less self-involved or more compassionate and sensitive or less fearful -- could have been averted. For those who were hurt, I truly apologize. 

I would not be the woman I am without these past 13 years. A woman who believes not in theory, but in the experience of the power of love, who was thrust into situation after situation that she never would have put herself in, and with the one precept that underlies OneTaste, stay connected no matter what, who found that at the end of every peak there is love to greet you.

And this is the end of a big peak.  

The vision for OneTaste has always been that the next Buddha will be a Sangha, or the next awakening will be in the form of the collective. I believe this down to my bones. While I have been blessed to shepherd the birth of this experiment into the world, I have always envisioned a time when it would be stable enough, when there would be others who had been touched as I had, that I could pass on the torch of Orgasm. That day has come in ways I could never have imagined. With thousands who have gone through the coaching program and tens of thousands going through other programs, the Sangha has been born. 

And four courageous new shepherds have stepped forth: Anjuli Ayer, Austin Ayer, Amanda Dunham and sujo Offield. As the company’s new owners and guides, they have an individual and collective passion powerful enough to climb the next peak of this beautiful OM that is OneTaste. They have taken 100% ownership of the company. I have been waiting for this day for some time, and with these individuals willing to hold and extend the mission, I am finally able to have the life of practice and writing I have dreamed of for some time.

I’m sitting at my desk writing this and feel such a deep sense of not just Love but Life. It is not inaccurate to say that OneTaste gave me Life; it gave me something to wake up for, to grow for, to do everything in my power to realize my potential for. And it gave me friends. Which in the deeper sense is all that it ever boils down to. Friends who sometimes played the role of friend and sometimes played the role of benevolent adversary. We created the giant Italian table that I had always dreamed of, where we loved, we fought, we created, we nourished and in the end beneath it all, there was friendship. 

At this point, gratitude fills every cell for each person, from the best path partner a girl could have hoped for in Rob Kandell, to a group of sisters who collectively make me the woman I am. From my brothers who stood with a strength of love I could lean on, to Reese Jones who stepped in and believed. And, of course, the countless others who in every single way contributed from suggestions to showing up, offering endless hours of “doing production”, to telling a cab driver about OM. And yes, even to the ones who served as the shadow, I love you too. 

I haven’t changed. I have a big mouth and a lot of ideas (and yes, opinions) so I am always here, always wanting to be a contributor, but now from a different place. In my new position, I will teach for OneTaste from time to time. But I will be spending the majority of my time writing and ensuring that the principles and philosophy of Orgasm and OM make their way into the world through books and other media.

And though I am no longer a leader of OneTaste, I still love Orgasm and OM. I’ll be talking about it and writing about it as my eternal ode and thank you, likely until the day I die.  

I once had a vision that underlies the whole of OneTaste which I repeat often, if only to remind myself. I was alone in a valley and listening to music and suddenly people started coming over the hills. I looked and there were my friends, and then people I thought were my enemies, and then the cashier at Whole Foods and the guy who made fun of OM. Everyone, all of us, down in the field, dancing. I’ve gotten to live that with all of you, the reality that in the end we are all friends.  

A Note from the
New Owners of OneTaste

As guardians of the mission of Orgasm, we're so immensely grateful. As we look back on what led us here, what it took to be available to serve so deeply, and how many people inside this community have touched us and guided us that gratitude only deepens.

Orgasm asks for all of you in every moment. It draws out all of you and calls you to service. It's called us into this incredible company we call OneTaste.

The message we want to share is this… Some of you were there at the beginning and some of you are just now arriving. For us, it's a continuation. It's a collective. We're here because we feel we were born into Orgasm, we are it. Our goal and vision is to help each and every person to remember and no matter where they are on the path to come back to themselves and touch the deepest levels of truth. It is truly an honor to have been offered a game like this. We look forward to playing with all of you here.

We are honored to be the shepherds of this incredible collective dream with you.

Austin, Anjuli, Amanda and sujo