Orgasmic Meditation

Los Angeles

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The Intro to OM, “ITO”, is a day long course, detailing the practice and theory of Orgasmic Meditation. Learn from 10+ year practitioners the basics of this practice in a warm connected environment.

In this course you will learn the philosophy that is the backbone of this practice, about attention, connection, and how to find resonance. You will also learn each step of Orgasmic Meditation so you can go home and start your practice. 

SAT, Dec. 10 AT 10AM | Downtown Los Angeles

LA Class


The step by step instructions for how to OM
• Have access to expert teachers and practitioners and ask questions about the practice
• Learn the philosophy and theory of the practice and how it applies to your every day life
• Watch a demonstration of Orgasmic Meditation to experience what is possible

Note: There will be no practicing of Orgasmic Meditation in the class, only verbal instruction and demonstration. You do not need a partner to come to this course.

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This is a very special offering, a return of in person courses to teach the practice of Orgasmic Meditation. Sign up now to learn the practice.