Steve found his way out of isolation through OM.

Before OM, I was an isolating nerd. I felt most comfortable alone in front of the computer, at the office, or at Meetups with people who were really no more than glorified strangers. They didn't know me, the real me. Neither did I for that matter. Turns out I'd buried him in my psychic basement before I turned 10.

I learned about OM a little over two years ago. I was looking for something to do on a Friday after work and I found a Meetup announcement for someone named Nicole Daedone coming to Austin to speak on Orgasm. I liked what she had to say about OM building connection and opening up one's sex. After 6+ years of divorce related court fights, I needed more of both.

I signed up for the How to OM class being held the next day. The more I heard in the class, the louder I heard the idea in my head that OM was a path out of my isolation. It took me a year to actually have my first OM. That was a year and half ago, and I've since gone from craving isolation and fearing connection, to recognizing isolation as a warning sign and craving connection.

OM has provided a container to break down the walls I've built over the years and shown me the turn on available from vulnerability, and the joy in unpredictability. Rest assured, I'm still a nerd, but now I'm a connectable one.