I am Smita and I OM

Through OM I discovered that my body works perfectly as it is.

I came to OM searching for a consistent way to climax. I thought that was orgasm. The peak of all peak experiences possible, the high expansive opening experience! I wanted more of this and to find a way to prolong it. I was now looking for a high, clear, sharp sensation – even if only for 5-8 seconds – and I wanted it consistently and predictably.

I had unconsciously come to the conclusion that my body was broken and that OM was going to be a possible way to fix it. What I have continued to discover over the last two years is that my original goal of attaining climax is really only one of the stages of orgasm. I have since experienced a greater range of sensation in my body than I ever imagined. I had already been feeling so much and simply not recognized it! Not only did I not need fixing, I now realize I am already whole and my body works perfectly.