Santha deepened her marriage through OM.

Decades of fear and conditioning made it scary for me to get in the nest that first time, but I'm so glad I did! I'm grateful for the sensitive, skillful support of the people at the Intro to OM workshop in NYC who helped me and my husband through it.

As my husband and I continue OMing, our practice goes deeper and deeper, day by day. We're discovering new things about ourselves and one another. Our marriage of 43 years has been rekindled. I'm enjoying new clarity and a powerful new way of thinking and being. Everything I do has been touched by this practice and my priorities have reset. My world is being reshaped and reorganized.

As I overcome fear after fear, I'm experiencing greater confidence and courage, more fun, and more friendship, as well as more connection to myself and my own desires. I’m experiencing more pleasure. I'm finding and following my own truth in a way I have never felt empowered to do before. I know this practice and this community will bring so much more to my life in the months and years to come.