I couldn’t see much as I watched the OM demonstration. But — I could sure feel a lot! My heart was racing, my stomach was fluttery, my lips were tingling. I realized I was in my body for a change — not in my head. Of course, my head kept trying to figure it out, but my consciousness was also, unmistakably, in my body.

From that place, I felt a desire arise. A desire to experience this practice I was watching. A desire to feel the strokes and the exquisite attention of the stroker, in my own body. A desire to learn to feel myself — from inside myself — and to learn to follow my own desire.

I didn’t want my head to talk me out of this — so I signed up for an Introduction to OM class right away. Within a week, I had my first OM. That was 3 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. I’v gone from being a loner to honest and vulnerable friendships, from giving up on dating to dating with confidence, and from wanting more sex to a playful and satisfying sex life.

So yes, I can gratefully say, “I OM”.