When I was seven, I learned that I liked girls. I didn’t know the name for this but I knew it was unsafe for me to tell anyone about it. As I result I ended up shutting down my sexual sensations and desires.

Over the years after I came out, I did a lot of work to heal from my internalized homophobia, but I couldn’t find a way to change the memory in my body — until OneTaste.

Through OMing I have been able to reconnect with myself to focus on sensations that used to be unsafe for me to feel. I am starting to awaken to the sacred part of myself that I had abandoned many, many years ago.

And if that wasn’t enough of a gift, there has been so much more I have received from this practice. Since I have been OMing I am so much happier. My life is much easier, my relationships are deeper, I am learning to flow more, and I have a community of like-minded people who are willing to let go of security in favor of growth. I am so grateful to OneTaste for these amazing gifts.