Moritz found approval of being bipolar through OM.

All my life I felt a sense of melancholy. I felt alone I couldn't express it to others. And when the melancholy faded, I felt a very high energy. Over the years these two feelings developed and became stronger. They drifted further apart from each other and I had no approval of myself in either place.

I traveled to other countries seeking my true self, but the further I went the less I could handle myself. I became anxious and felt more and more alone. I gripped tightly to my work as it gave me a sense of security and routine. I struggled with relationships and began to withdraw.

Finally, I went to a psychologist and was diagnosed bipolar, which at first I found to be a good label to have as an excuse to stop thinking I was broken. That didn't last long however, as I decided to stop taking the medications, and OM came into my life. OM showed me a place were I could express myself and be heard by people without being labeled. I started understanding what approval means and how I can find it within myself.

I still have extreme ups and downs but I've learned how to handle myself by noticing and carefully listening to my needs in those places. It's been incredible being in the company of people who help me grow and understand myself. They are a reflection of myself, helping me feel power, creativity, and compassion for myself and others.

This has been the most transformative year of my life and I am happy I have found this path. OM brings me to the places I have pain and helps me understand and heal it so I can open up and be with others in the purest form of myself.