I found OM 6 years ago and thought it sounded amazing. I came from a creative and liberal house and sex was often talked about. But my life in the bedroom was a different story. I remember lying there with my partners, filled with some desire but no words for what that particular want was. Instead I’d roll over and go to sleep, or have functional “baseball bases” sex.

Orgasmic Meditation sounded amazing. It was still a surprise for me, though, that in my first OM, while my stroker was stroking my clit, I couldn’t tell what was happening. I was that numb, that in my head. I had become wired in such a way that I had lost connection to my feeling.

That first OM hit my bottom of disconnection. I made a vow that, whatever it took, I would learn how to learn to feel. OM after OM the circuitry began to light up! Connection to my pussy wasn’t just about sex; it was about my ability to feel everything. And that sensitivity is now my greatest strength and power source in everything I do.