My name is Maurice and I OM. I first heard about Orgasmic Meditation while caring for my mother as she battled stomach cancer. After she transitioned I found myself lost and disconnecting from the people closest to me who I felt couldn’t grasp the depth of my trauma and grief. Mired in depression and isolation, I went to my first TurnOn in July of 2014 and was immediately impressed with the sincerity of support and attention I felt from the community, many of whom had never experienced such unique trauma themselves.

I had my first OM training session in August of 2014 and have since been wonderfully surprised at how I’ve been able to overcome my depression through approval of my experience. The practice of OM has granted me the fertile ground to find that approval within myself through the practice of staying connected with others through high sensation.

I am now helping manage my father’s care and affairs as his mental state declines due to dementia. Through the practice of OM I am finding my inner resilience to handle this challenge while maintaining my own self-care in a manner that sustains and feeds me through this next challenge life is presenting to me.

Each time I OM, I’m tuning into the subtle, quiet nuances, increasing my sensual dynamic range. Through experiencing this contrast between the subtle and overt, I am expanding my ability to perceive the delicate cues of the roller coaster ride of Orgasm.