OM keeps giving me the tools to become a better man for myself.

Through the practice of OM I have gained more confidence in myself and have learned how to play, handle, communicate, and have better sex with women. I have learned to say what I want without shame and the fear of rejection. OM has taught me how to connect to both men and women on a deeper level, and taught me that having connection to someone is both deeply rewarding and gratifying.

My experience of OM is leading me to become a more open person – unafraid to speak what I feel and say what I see. It is helping me live my life the way I feel it should be, rather than the way I think it should look. I have realized through doing the practice that my potential isn’t through living my life untested and hidden away, but out in front, beyond my comfort zone, in those areas where I can test and develop myself to become the best possible man I can be.