I’m Marissa and I OM.

I’m an extrovert who tends to isolate. I love connecting with people but have always felt this sense of otherness that made it difficult. I’m the only child in my mixed-race family, and I grew up in the middle of suburbia Queens. It became scary for me to connect with people when being different kept me so separate. I learned how to infiltrate various groups but I never really felt like I belonged to any of them.

I used to talk a lot and feel very little. I felt very little because I spent most of my time and energy numbing out. I had a lot of friendships that lacked genuine connection, and a corporate job that lacked purpose. I lost any sense of passion in my life, and it felt like a bleak existence for a 24-year old woman with so much to offer the world.

When I came across Orgasmic Meditation, it was very clear that there was something here for me. I wanted more vulnerability and intimacy in my life, and I desperately wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin. I felt all the places this practice could make that possible, I found a transformative lifestyle and a community where I feel like I belong.

My OM practice keeps me clear through the never ending changes life throws my way. Orgasm provided me with a supportive community, communication that touches the depths of intimacy, and a conscious connection to my body. I am grateful for everything this practice has afforded me, and my willingness to say yes to it.