Through OM, I found new confidence and the creation of my own Orgasm.

I read about Orgasmic Meditation in a book by Sara Gottfried, and since I have been a Zen Buddhist student for a long time, I was attracted to it immediately. "Orgasm and Meditation in one sentence?! I think I hit a home run!"

A year ago I watched the How to OM video on YouTube. At that time, my three year relationship had gone from loving and connected to boring and predictable. We were going out of town for a long weekend together and we decided to try OMing then. So I set up the container, thinking this was probably going to be the longest 15 minutes of my life. During the OM I felt this tingling, sweet, rich sensation in my clitoris spreading inside my pussy like honey, and all I could feel in that moment was that spot, with single pointed attention.

I could not believe how time stood still for those 15 minutes and I felt my body tingling from head to toe. My boyfriend said that he felt this tiny kernel at his fingertip that was buzzing as if it was powered by an electric current. That day and a few days later I could feel an internal shift that was also reflected in my posture. I was able to look at the world in the eye with a new-found confidence, and for the first time I felt that I made orgasm. It did not come from outside but I was part of it. That’s when I knew I wanted more. This is Leida and I OM!