My name is Kevin and I OM.

When a friend invited me to a TurnOn, an introductory event to find out about Orgasmic Meditation, I was in for a surprise. My heartache from a recent breakup, which I had plastered over, came out the next day in a flood of tears. And I cried for days. It felt unbelievably good to feel so much emotion and let go of so much of the pain I had locked up.

I started OMing regularly. I loved doing the practice. It made me more confident and courageous, not just with women, but with everyone. I was more relaxed, energetic and on the ball at work.

OM has made me more myself than ever, and has given me a life of adventure, travel, and purpose. I came to the practice to be better with women, and have stayed with it because it keeps on growing me in new ways.