​When I first came to OM I was 23 years old, I wasn't having sex, and figured that I should be. I was a sort of oddly sensitive person doing the best impersonation I could of what I thought was a successful and attractive man - impermeable, immovable, charismatic, and always on top. When I found OM, I gave thanks. The quiet, oddly sensitive person inside of me knew that this was what I needed; not more tricks, more charisma, or even more confidence. I intuited that the challenge of intimacy was in actually facing the discomfort of intimacy.

As I began OMing, connection started to grow, sex became available, and I started to become more honest in my friendships. For someone who spent most of his life hiding in plain sight, this was important. Over time I became kinder to myself in a myriad of small but significant ways. I started to believe that I was someone that was lovable for who I was, not for who I pretended to be.

Recently, after all these years, my OM practice has gone from something that gives me things, to something that I give myself to. Over time this same attitude started to make its way into my life and my relationships. Through OM I cultivate this attitude in my life on a day by day basis - surrender and fulfillment.

My name is Kenan and I OM.