Before I heard about OMing, I had lead my life doing the same things over and over again yet somehow expecting different results. That, as we know, is the true definition of insanity. I played the game of being the nice girl; I didn’t create any waves by voicing my own thoughts or opinions; I wanted to be liked by everyone. I also wouldn’t allow people to see my vulnerability nor what really mattered to or motivated me. Basically, I felt invisible and acted like I was. Since I started OMing almost a year ago, I now know that I can choose to do things differently and I know how to make my voice heard. I can see clearly now when I start to follow the path of the fruitlessness of my past behaviors and know there is another way! Just that ability to notice when I do turn to that old way of life and can self correct – is a major benefit to OMing. Another way includes being vulnerable even when I know I won’t look good. It also occurs when I say the truth to someone in real time even if it’s uncomfortable. OMing has taught me to speak my truth, speak my desires, and do it all in real time because we only have 15 minutes!