Through Orgasmic Meditation, I feel seen, loved, and valued.

Before I started OMing, I remember feeling disconnected and craving intense stimulation. I had my own world and rarely did someone see it. I’m a photographer, and I found in my work a version of connection where I could appreciate the beauty in others from a distance, but that never had me be touched or connected with in the way I longed for. I deprived my body and life of the richness of flow, consistency, and community. I had spots that were empty but didn’t understand how they should be filled. In sex, my climaxes were jagged, with a steep, tight rise and a free-fall into coldness. In my relationships, I didn’t know how to be honest and clear with what I wanted.

I didn’t feel much in my first OM but something opened up and changed. My senses were heightened. My ability to connect expanded. My orgasm has smoothed out and become more gentle through the work I’ve done to explore it and balance my lifestyle.

These days I feel an open circuit run through me, and it flows in the opposite direction of what I had believed was necessary. I make sure to fill up so I can naturally spill over into others in a way that they feel and value. People are drawn to me now. More than enough is coming to me of its own desire. I have what I really need in those previously empty places.

I hope that everyone can find what I’ve found in this practice, the lived experience of feeling seen, loved, and valued, and the abundantly connected life that this makes possible. I continue OMing to discover the divine woman I am inside.