I waited 7 years to try Orgasmic Meditation. OMing was recommended to me by Regena Thomasauer, my brilliant teacher at the School of Womanly Arts, but my desire wasn’t strong enough to let people I didn’t know show me how to have my pussy stroked. In 2014 I was desperate enough to get back my elusive libido, my missing arousal, and the nearly forgotten sensation in my pussy. It seemed to have been suppressed in a suicidal depression, lost in a health crisis, dismissed by my gynecologist. I still remembered OM and I gradually eased my way into a How to OM class in New York City, with my dear friend Dana holding space at the back of the room. The safety created by OneTaste was absolutely essential for me to enter.

And I did enter, wholeheartedly. After one OM, I felt my desire to take the Taboo class in NYC, and I committed there and then to follow my desire no matter what. I had chosen this bizarre left-hand path and there was no turning back.

What was amazing is how natural I felt with men after only a week of OMing and this deeply healing class. After 2 years of almost completely avoiding men, I felt simpatico, at ease, and that I could be myself. What a relief! Sex no longer seemed like a grieved loss as I began to fill up on Orgasmic Meditation. Before I knew it, I was gently saying yes to sex again and enjoying reawakening sensations. New sensations are still unfolding in my OMs.