I was introduced to Orgasmic Meditation by my brother, who emailed me an article as a joke, to say "Look what they're doing in Boulder, your old home town, it's some really weird stuff!" I actually found it wonderful; I had never read anything about sex that was written in such a fresh and liberating way.

It was more than a year before I came across information about OneTaste again, and this time I looked with more curiosity. I ordered Slow Sex, watched the YouTube videos, and asked my girlfriend if she was up to try something new. Immediately, I felt a new energy that I had never experienced before, and I realized the potential of this practice. My girlfriend and I took an intro class in NYC, and then booked several private training sessions, which were invaluable.

I am amazed at the impact that OM has had upon my life. The biggest shift for me is the way I feel connected to people, and the increase in my ability to love life. I wish to be part of bringing OM to as many people as are open. It's a life changer: changing lives one stroke at a time.