I OM because it helps me expand my ability to perceive and receive pleasure. In OM I get to explore a wide range of sensations in my body, and I'm learning to separate the stories in my head from the raw experience of what is actually happening in my body. OM has given me a platform to practice accessing the thing that wants to be said, like an adjustment, a request, or a truth. I'm learning to use my voice to speak that in real time. This skill is translating through my life in subtle and profound ways.

OM is how I relax the death-grip of my mind's "shoulda, woulda, coulda" and it's how I come home to my desire. OM has transformed my perception of desire: I once thought desire was selfish and self indulgent; I now know that desire actually serves as an internal compass of how I want to be in the world.

Previous to OM, I did not know how to have friendships with men: I thought that I needed to perform for them or seduce them, and I believed that the only reason men want women is for sex. Through OM, I am experiencing tremendous healing in my relationships with men; I have learned that I can share my sex and my orgasm with men without anything extra. In this place I have developed deep, wonderful, dynamic friendships with men and a more relaxed, real experience of sex with the men that I want to be sexual with.