When OM first popped up in my life, it stood in the middle of of everything, with every sign around me pointing right at it. And yet I did not want to see it.

For many years I had mastered control of my feelings. No attachment, no dependence. I didn´t need anybody. My life was good: I had a well paid job, flexible hours, enough social attachment. And whenever someone disappointed me, I shut down – or even better – I packed my stuff and moved away. Still, something was missing.

On that disconnected path, I lost touch with my dreams and desires. I was numb. The freedom I was aiming for did not feel good at all. I needed a change in my life and that is why I finally said yes to OM.

I still remember the tingling in my body after my first OM, and a week later, the moment when something opened up. I felt a light and I knew, "this is right." OM became a journey of discovering myself and my desires. My life opened up and became so rich with connections. I felt seen, and I can truly see others. Emotions are coming up in the form of joy, gratitude, tears, and excitement to grow.

Now, every single day I feel my power and my freedom grow inside of me. And I can shine again.