I came to OM because I had just gotten out of a 4-year relationship and was ready to push edges in my life. I wanted to try things that seemed uncomfortable but exciting.

Before OM I was obsessed with reaching climax in my sex, but did not know what I wanted in sex or how to communicate it. I would be in my head wondering if I was good enough and sexy enough.

OM has transformed my life drastically. I still experience these things from time to time but now I have the tools to push through them. I feel more in my body than ever before. I also connect with other people in more real and intimate ways. I enjoy all aspects of sex to the fullest; not just climax, but the whole ride. I'm not afraid to communicate what I want or don't want. I have learned to love all aspects of others and myself. I'm not broken or a victim, I now take 100% responsibility, for not only my sex, but for every aspect of my life.