I could say that OM saved my life.

My arrival to OM came on the heels of a divorce and a deployment with the army. I was locked in my head, no longer able to connect with those around me. I felt alone in a crowded room, assuming no one wanted me around. I'd drink myself to sleep every night, and would regularly wake up anticipating an attack.

And then I saw a demonstration of the OM practice. I left the room and felt the warmth of the sun on my skin, the sensation of my hair moving in the wind. I laughed. I could feel my body.

I immediately stopped drinking myself to sleep after my first OM. My anxiety subsided, and I began to relate to people around me again. I made deeper connections with people I'd only known for a few months than with those I'd known for years. My colleagues noticed the difference in me, and my mom said it was like getting her son back.

I'm out of the job I hated and doing what I love: traveling the world, writing, and connecting with everyone I meet, sharing my experience of OM.