Because of OM, I learned how to trust my intuition.

My partner, Greg, and I first came across OneTaste at a music festival in San Francisco. I almost laughed it off as a crazy SF thing. Turns out, OM has launched our relationship to a richer, fuller level, not only with each other, but with our kids and our friends as well.

OMing is not just about technique; it's about learning to listen to ourselves and each other in an intuitive way. We've both been trained to put a lot of faith in hard facts, and it felt very foreign to legitimize such subtle things as "feeling energy" or "sharing orgasm." But we've also been trained to respect new information and to be willing to change our minds when there is enough new data. That's exactly what happened to me.

In a few months of a consistent OM practice, I've developed more awareness of myself and others. I trust my intuition, and quickly recognize when I've ignored it. I'm inspired to care for myself, and I'm empowered to do things I wouldn't have tried before. This practice helps bring the best of me forward.