Because of OM, I gained a more commanding presence.

I was transitioning into my eighth decade. I had a good life, but something was missing. I wanted more – and I wasn’t sure what it was. Rather that following the analytical path, I let my gut feeling guide my way. I had no goal, no plan – though I did have a sense that my path would have something to do with service to the world and relationships.

I re-visited NLP which led me to hypnosis. Through hypnosis, I discovered the healing and motivating power of Orgasm. I began using Orgasm to help people improve their lives. One day I discovered Nicole Daedone’s book “Slow Sex.” She was harnessing the same energy that I was, working towards the same ends, and using a totally different approach! I needed to learn this. A hypnotist friend who had done the Coaching Program pointed me towards OM Basics in NYC. Once I took that course, I was hooked. The more I OMed, the more my world changed.

I had experienced changes from hypnosis, but the changes from OM were faster and deeper. I began to feel into others; I started getting more clear about what I wanted. And being clear about what I wanted made a huge difference in my ability to hold others. Suddenly, my presence was becoming far more commanding than ever before. It was as though my real self was emerging.