I used to think that handling a woman meant to find some kind of secret that let you have control over her in any situation. No matter what she said or did, you would know the trick to get her under control and obey you. I thought this was how I could ensure I would never be hurt by any woman every again. After taking my Intro To OM class in November of 2014, I started down the path to obtain what I had always wanted. Within a matter of months I started learning what handling a woman truly means.

To handle a woman means letting her be free to be who she truly is. You do this by having enough confidence, self-love, and attention to hold the space she needs to feel safe. You will also need to be fearless enough to call her on her bullshit. I no longer let past wrongs, experiences, or conditioning interfere with my natural right to be connected and express love. I am fully committed to learning how to put my full attention on a woman in every situation so I can remain fully connected with anyone in any situation.