"The wisdom of God is madness amongst men."

There is something undeniably magical about Orgasmic Meditation, and the culture and people that surround it. It sounds a little strange maybe, but every once in awhile I have an experience that simply can't be put into words, pictures, or transmitted, except between myself and those fellow practitioners who I recognize by their ability to evoke a genuine feeling of ancient kinship.

It's a way for me to touch that ineffable thread which runs through all beings, a way to plug into the electricity that's always humming just beneath the surface. It's the life within of the eternal moment. And once it gets touched, the reality of that depth of connection sets off a series of lights. Where there is reverie in a strange and disconnected matrix, there beings to grow a humbling reverence at the flavor and color of every different thing in a deeply connected world. In those moments of connection the seeds of a deeper fulfillment and gratitude grow. And that's why I OM. It's a path to fulfillment, connection, radical compassion, and that feeling of liberation.