I used to be an emotional samurai wearing layers and layers of armor. I elevated emotional self-protection to an art form, skillfully cutting anyone that came close to me with a combination of quick wit and defensiveness.

Stroke by stroke, OMing broke down my (oh so many!) walls. Underneath it all, I discovered the sensitive, tender, loving, and emotionally starved creature that I spent my whole life imprisoning – for my own protection.

As the heady numbness melts and I sink deeper into my body, I’m starting to feel it all. I can now fully feel the intensity of my anger and the depth of my love, the delicate brush of sadness and the gripping clench of fear. I often find myself sobbing, laughing, and roaring in the nest.

Now, I let my creature truly feel; the clenching in my gut when I sense tension in the room, the warmth in my cheeks when I feel desire, and the expansion of my chest as I let my love out.

I feel full, I feel nourished, I feel alive, and I feel it all the way.