Sensation does not lie; it is the purest form of connection.

My name is Alexis and I OM. Before OM I felt lonely and disconnected. I had all but given up on sex and relationships. Having somewhat successfully smothered my desire under the guise of spirituality, I went long periods (up to 2 years at a time!) without sex, and when I did have sex it was goal-oriented, unfulfilling, and left me feeling broken.

I was what Nicole Daedone calls “tumesced:” filled with the internal pressure of unpotentiated sexual energy that leaked out as irritability, frustration, and resentment to the point that I was exhausting to be around, even to myself. I isolated, a lot – until I hit a point where isolation no longer worked and I couldn’t ignore my desire for connection, intimacy, and something more. Enter Nicole Daedone stage left.

I saw her speak live in Hollywood and was instantly enamored with her and everything she said. She described the limbic system and how Orgasmic Meditation wakes it up and allows us to take pleasure in the moment, a lost art in today’s culture. I was terrified of the actual practice itself and for that very reason I signed up for the Intro to OM course. In OM I found much more than I thought was possible. I found a new practice, a new community, and a whole new way of life. I found that sensation does not lie – that sensation, with no story on top, is the purest form of connection.

With OM, my sexuality and desire began to unwind from family, religious, and societal conditioning. My shame and guilt began to melt away. I felt permission for every single part of me. I now move towards high sensation, instead of avoiding it, as I had always been taught. This has given me a newfound freedom. Now, two years into my practice, I censor less and feel more. I have a deeper sense of gratitude for all of life. I trust more. I understand that kindness doesn’t always equate to niceness. I have complex, sensational, connected, rich, and satisfying sex. There is nothing broken about me. My preferences have melted away allowing me deeper and richer experiences with a wider range of people. I let people in, I feel and express my emotions. I’m in love, I think for the first time. And it’s a practice. I’ve learned all of this through OM.