I came to OM desperate for change. I was both terrified of becoming a bad man and convinced I already was one, a fire and brimstone feminist with the belief that all men, including and especially me, were evil. I saw my sexuality as wrong, violating, and damaging. I was in a relationship where my sex was shut down and I lived in fear of raping the woman I loved. There was so little room for happiness in the spiral of shame, fear, and self-loathing. I wanted anything that could change it.

I first judged Onetaste as a place for creepy men to touch pussy, but I showed up anyways. What I found was exactly what I needed: a container of tightly structured consent where both partners were safe. OM bypassed my fear and vigilance, cutting straight to the rawest way to feel someone I'd ever known. I was humbled and shaken. In fifteen minutes, Orgasm shattered my beliefs about male power and empathy. My long path to recovery was underway.

My practice healed my sex, but I'm still practicing over a year later. At some point, OM stopped being about fixing my problems and became about growing my gifts. My capacity to feel my intuition is always stretching here, and it makes every single piece of my life more interesting, challenging, and valuable. I live from the belief that men are good and I'm a good man. I relate to women far more. I have more freedom than ever to follow my desire without punishing it.