For 16 years, I had dedicated myself to a transcendent path of yoga and meditation. I was so committed to being in tune with a higher power, I had lost touch with my physical existence. I felt as though I was living within a bubble, unable to connect with those on the outside. Seeing the world from a distance and desiring more active and involved participation, I came to Orgasmic Meditation. Initially, I wanted to explore my sex, something I did not understand and had neglected within myself. I then became interested in the concept of desire, which to me always had negative connotations. Prior to OM, I denied myself access to desire as it lead to unwanted suffering. The purpose of my consciousness practice was to rid myself of worldly desire and ambition. Through the practice of OM, I found that desire was not in opposition to a higher purpose but rather a means towards it. My practice has since shifted from rejection of my desire to a deep surrendering to my desire, which I believe flows from my purpose. I now feel much more connected to those around me and feel myself in the game rather than a partial observer. Not to mention my sex is great!