OM helps me love.

Conditioned as a giver, I dulled my ability to receive. OM helped me reawaken that muscle as a radical act of self-love and surrender. Through OM, I calm the mind in exquisite attention, noticing the enormity of sensation in every detail, receiving the rewards of life. I now savor each touch, sound, taste, and with my children, each bug and rock.

OM has deepened connection to my sex. With the courage to practice, I can now put desire into words. In fact, communicating my desire in all life situations is increasingly effortless, clear, and free of charge. OM helps me love. Fond of men, I also distrusted them. Each time I OM with a new man who is respectful and reverent, expecting nothing in return, the so-called ‘enemy’ transforms into an ally. Through OM community, I bond with women more, learning to trust myself, ultimately.

OM has helped me increase connection. I OM with adults from all walks of life. Overcoming my biases and aversions through this practice has opened my heart to all.

I OM because I am a more energized and grateful lover, friend, parent, and human being, increasingly alive, in flow, and in connection.